About Taurus Capital

We seek to create long-term value for our investors

Who We Are

Our fund employs a long/short equity strategy with the flexibility to invest in mid-large cap companies.


Taurus Capital focuses on long-term capital appreciation with limited exposure to market volatility through the use of derivatives.

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Alignment and Positive Impact

An important part of our theory is to only provide research and recommendations for companies we are also investors in. 


The primary investment objective is to provide cut-throat fundamental and technical analysis that converge to provide a one-directional investment decision. We strive to support investors in their journey to create long-term growth and steady income through the use of derivatives.

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Principal Values & Beliefs

Integrity | Teamwork | Entrepreneurship | Diversity | Excellence

Our business practices are guided through our strong value traits. We take pride in our commitment to provide honest and high-quality investment research. We employ an entrepreneurial investment mindset whilst analyzing companies and industry trends to identify opportunities. 

These principals provide an unmatched advantage to become an outlier in the industry.